Please choose one starter, one main and one dessert for your group for each meal (minimum six portions per order)

V = Vegetarian or vegetarian version available



S1 Savoyard salad with walnuts, mountain cheese and cured ham 

S2 Leak and goat's cheese quiche with a mixed leaf green salad V

S3 Mushroom bruschetta with roquette salad V

S4 Minted pea and mange tout salad with a goat's cheese and fig crumble V

S5 Rich tomato and basil soup with crunchy herb croutons V

S6 Vegetable and coconut fritters with dipping sauces V

S7 Ricotta and potato dumplings with buttery toasted bread crumbs V

S8 Cauliflour and roblechon soup with crunchy croutons V

S9 Goats cheese parcels with fig chutney and a mixed green salad V

S10 Gingerbread and pumpkin soup with cheesy croutons V



M1 Roast chicken in mountain herbs, served with mushroom gravy, roast potatoes, carrots and peas

M2 Creamy fish pie served with a topping of lemon mash and market greens

M3 Beef and tomato lasagne or smoked salmon and spinach lasagne or lentil and vegetable lasagne with a rustic vegetable salad and garlic bread  V

M4 Chicken, coconut and lime curry or vegetable, coconut and lime curry with crispy rice and stir fried vegetables  V

M5 Beef Bourguignon, buttery penne pasta and garlic infused  green beans

M6 Turkey schnitzel with red onions and mozzarella, served with a cheesy baked potato, and sweet corn slaw

M7 Spicy beef chilli or vegetarian chilli beans with taco shells and guacamole V

M8 Coq au vin or Veg au vin with potato gratin and garlic infused green beans V

M9 Lentil and mushroom shepherd’s pie with a selection of market vegetables V

M10 Crispy mushroom pancakes with pearl barley and mixed green vegetables V


D1 Baked ricotta cheese cake

D2 Spicy ginger cake

D3 Profiteroles

D4 Dark chocolate salted caramel cake

D5 Carrot cake with mascerpone frosting

D6 Victoria sponge

D7 Apple tart tatin

D8 Rich chocolate brownie

D9 Apple cake

D10 Cherry crumble tart